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Our master experts help you through the lighting determination process well ordered; making master proposals in light of your room measurements, individual style or taste and home plan. Lighting is our speciality, so we are immersed in it all day having a deep understanding of every aspect of lighting effects. Our sales associates have well informed about the latest residential technologies and lighting controls. Lumiere provides a wide range of products and also helps with any problems which may arise upon installation. Lumiere is the Best Place to start for all your Lighting needs.

Range of Products

Lumiere provides a wide range of products.


World Class Designs

Our Design Elements are very much uniques


Highest Quality Products

Welcome to the world of Luxury Lighting!

Every home looks complete once the right lighting is set up. No matter how small, how big, how simple or sophisticated your room is, a statement piece of lighting elevates the look of your room giving it a wholesome vibe! Our lighting pieces are carefully selected based on the current trends, utility and general styles. Whether your aim is to go for contemporary lighting we have the most abstract yet intriguing lighting designs that will make your guests go WOW! If you are a fan of the quaint simple looks, we have the most humble looking pieces guaranteed to give your home that inviting feel. From the foyer to the bathroom, we have lightings of every style, every size and according to everyone’s requirements!

Finding it difficult to decide a lighting style for your room? Our experts can navigate you through the lighting determination process by making clear assessments of your room’s measurements, your individual taste and the general home plan. Lighting is our specialty. Hence, we are completely immersed in it and are always striving to develop our knowledge on every aspect of the lighting equipments. Our sales associate will essentially glide through the options available in-store taking heed of the characteristics of your room.

Our choice of design is extremely unique and awe-inspiring that you can be assured that your lighting pieces will be one-of-a-kind and stand out amongst the crowd.We house a large variety of lightings made of high quality materials to ensure that along with beauty we are delivering durability too making us one of the best lighting stores in Pune!

Crystal chandeliers in Pune - These dangling beauties can be the star attraction of your home. From crystal to modern metallic chandeliers, we cover the broad spectrum of chandelier lights in Pune. Our in-house bestsellers include the 6ft tall chandeliers perfect for your house, hotel lobby, restaurant etc! Made of high quality, durable material, thes e lightings are exemplary of luxury lighting with low maintenance.

Wall lamps in Pune - No more drab white walls. With our exclusive range of high end wall lamps, you can add a new element of lighting to your room literally radiating from the walls! From simple abstract designs to elegant heavy metal work, you would be flooded with choices for wall lamps when you come across our store among the the other fancy light stores in Pune.

Decorative ceiling lights in Pune - Away with the boring tube lights and bulbs on your ceiling. The latest trend is a statement piece of ceiling light that can radiate a positive glow to the entire room. Whether your choice is floral, to fluorescent, we have a lighting fixture suiting everybody’s requirements.

Pendant lights - Like a earring for the face, pendant lightings become the earrings of your room. A small, statement piece can instantly pick up the elegance factor of your room giving your room a modern edge. Place it above the dining table for a better dining experience or replace table lamps with a drop down lighting, there are endless ways of using this kind of super versatile lighting! Lumiere is one of the best decorative lights stores in Pune, where you will have a variety of options to choose from the moment you walk into the store.

Mirror Lights - Our superior mirror lights can take your mirror selfie game up a notch and improve your daily “getting-ready” experience a little more glamorous.

LED Lights - Going Green? We are also with you on this clean, green initiative with our eco-friendly LED lighting options! Perfect for both indoor and outdoor lightings, they are super affordable, highly durable, require little to no maintenance and feather light on your wallet when it comes to your light bill! If you're looking for led lights for home in Pune, we are your best bet. So come on and make a green decision today!

Table and Floor Lamps - Looking for a much simpler lighting option? The conventional lamps can be a great addition to your rooms. From quaint ones to lamps emanating grandeur, our decorative lights store in Pune houses some of the finest collections of floor and table lamps.

Why Lumiere?

Lumiere is your ultimate answer when it comes to indoor lighting in Pune. Curated by experts in the lighting industry, we take inspiration from some of the best high end lighting providers in the world to cater to the lighting requirements of a large number of clients. With our broad knowledge in this field and years of expertise we aim to provide superior lighting solutions to our customers.

Whether you are looking for durable outdoor lighting or fashionable indoor lighting, we have a wide range of products to offer. Lumiere is proud to be associated with some of the best brands bringing together a whole set of luxurious and beautiful looking chandeliers and a variety of lamps. We carry exclusive designs in lighting and décor. A team of trained experts help you with a full range of services which include consultations and lighting installation. Our store is located in a prime location of M.G Road, Camp makes it easy to purchase any item on site and get it delivered directly to your home.

Lumiere is one of Pune’s top distributors of high quality lighting committed towards unhampered deliverance and excellence in our service. This reflects in the products we choose based on its craftsmanship and innovation only to provide you with cutting edge lighting solutions.

Our humble store houses a large variety of unique pieces that includes quaint, antique lamps to more industrial and minimalistic type of lighting solutions.

Our Projects

We have successfully executed installations of lighting for renowned hotels, retail showrooms, restaurants, clubs, residences and other commercial spaces. To name one, our star piece, 6ft tall chandelier at one of Pune’s most renowned hotel is our most prized installation story! We strive to continue to provide excellence in our deliverance, assuring quality control and are determined to make your room the most beautiful of all!

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are delighted to offer support during each project phase, from preliminary lighting design, to lighting installation guide, and to maintenance.



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